Are We Supposed to “Take Over,” or “Take Back,” Government?

There is now a great governmental change under way. With the Christian school and home-school movements under way, we see more and more families taking back one sphere of government from the state. This represents a major movement against the forces of the Enlightenment and statism.~ R. J. Rushdoony (Institutes of Biblical Law, Vol. 3, p. 2)

Humanists are frightened by the threat of Christian theocracy—the conspiring “dominionists” who are always working to secure key seats of power within the existing federal government in order to introduce the rule of Biblical law. The accusation is that Christian Reconstruction is an agenda to “take over” the centralized American state.

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One reason for the uneasiness of many men at the feminist challenge is that the indictment strikes home. However, conceding to the feminists is no substitute for responsibility but a further abdication.**

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Defenders of the Faith – Test

In its rejection of the Roman Catholic Church, modern Protestantism has sometimes erred by steering to the opposite extreme of an anarchistic repudiation of all the church accomplished before the Reformation. Sometimes also we hear a call for a return to the supposed purity of the early church, though history reveals an early church that was in a constant struggle with heretical and blatantly pagan ideas.

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